MRIdian A3i

Streamlining real-time, on-table adaptive workflow with automated workflow steps and contouring tools.
Expanding clinical utility with brain treatment and multiplanar, real-time, 3D tissue tracking, and automated beam control.

MRIdian A3i Clinical News

Henry Ford Health is First in the World to Offer Latest Advancement in MRI-Guided Radiation Therapy 

Parallel workflows, multiplanar tracking – ViewRay takes MRgRT to the next level

Miami Cancer Institute First to Use MRIdian A3i for Pancreatic Cancer (watch) (read)

Scientific Presentations - ASTRO 2022

Watch this video to hear what our clinicians are saying about their experiences with MRIdian A3i. 

We've heard you...

“We’ve been talking to customers for several years. We believe MRIdian A3i addresses our customers’ desire for faster treatment times, increased patient throughput, and the ability to expand MRIdian SMART to a larger patient population.” 

James F. Dempsey, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Founder and Inventor

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Automated workflow steps and contouring tools minimize clinician time and increase patient throughput.

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Patient feedback system helps the patient maximize the efficiency of radiation dose delivery.

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Brain treatment package expands clinical utility to treat brain metastases, resection cavities, gliomas, and other cranial lesions.

MRIdian A3i allows clinicians to work simultaneously and connect remotely during patient treatment.

Watch this video to learn more about the parallel, collaborative workflow feature that allows clinicians to work simultaneously and connect remotely during patient treatment. 

What clinicians are saying...

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Drew Moghanaki, MD, MPH
Professor and Chief of Thoracic Oncology
UCLA Department of Radiation Oncology

“The new parallel workflow of MRIdian A3i allows us to do on-table adaptive from anywhere, ensuring our patients receive the best treatment, no matter our schedules.”

Multiplanar, 3D tissue tracking and automated beam control

MRIdian A3i includes multiplanar tracking and beam gating in up to three planes. Clinicians have the flexibility to select up to three different tracking targets in any combination of coronal, sagittal, or axial planes to automatically stop the beam when any single target exceeds the clinician-defined treatment boundaries.

Brain Treatment Package

  • Brain coil and immobilization
  • Submillimeter resolution scans
  • TRUFI, T1/T2 weighted imaging
Brain Treatment

Integrated patient feedback display

  • Real-time, breath-hold display
  • Helps patient keep tumor in position
  • Improves patient experience