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The precision expert in immobilization systems for radiation oncology.

Orfit’s Compatible Solutions

MammoRx Breast Board

MammoRx Breast Board
MammoRx Breast Board

The MammoRx Breast Board allows you to easily immobilize patients in a comfortable and reproducible way. The breast board delivers precise immobilization for breast treatment techniques, enhanced set-up reproducibility, and is compatible with Orfit thermoplastic masks.
Product Number: CFB-005/MR
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High-Precision Lung Board

High Precision Lung Board
High Precision Lung Board

The Orfit High-Precision Lung Board has a unique and innovative feature with its T-shaped hand grip that is adjustable in height. This feature increases patient comfort and positioning reproducibility. The arms can be easily extended above the head for treatments in the thorax and lung area.
Product Number:29115
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RAYCAST® High-Precision Indexing Bar for Individual Cushions

This indexing bar for individual cushions is an adjustable device that is being used to index vacuum cushions and Alpha cradle. It has a distinct V-shape to make sure that the individual cushions placed on top of the device are indexed in all directions. As such it increases the precision of patient positioning and immobilization. It can be positioned on all base plates from Orfit Industries (except the smaller head-only base plates) and even on the most common two-pin indexing bars available on the market. Information on these other parts can be found in the respective ‘instructions for use’.
Product Number:18059
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Vacuum Bag Cushions

The vacuum bag cushions have been designed to comfortably position and immobilize patients in a customized way. The combination of high-quality fabrics filled with polystyrene spheres ensures a highly conformal, patient-specific mold. After evacuating the air from the bags, they form a stable and patient-specific support mattress. Different shapes and sizes are available in indexed and non-indexed versions.
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SBRT Solution Pressure Belt with Manual Pump

This belt is used as a compression device for the abdomen. The bag is inflated so it exercises pressure on the abdomen and as such limits deep breathing and ultimately the movement of critical organs.
Product Numbers: 32317/9 and 32317/18 lengths
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RAYCAST® High-Precision Base Plate-to-Couch Top Fixation Devices – 2-PIN Bar for INTERLOC Couch 49.5 CM (MRI Compatible)

This 2-pin bar has two positioning elements that can be inserted in the half-moon cut-outs on both sides of the Interloc couch. It can be used to index hardware (base plates, shoulder positioning device, leg indexing system, etc.) directly or via an adapter plate to the couch. For information on compatible products, please refer to the respective ‘instructions for use’.
Product Number: 32207
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About Orfit

Based on innovative technologies, Orfit develops and produces the most precise and reliable immobilization systems for cancer patients in Radiation Oncology. We bring innovation into this highly specialized market, with a clear understanding of the needs of RT specialists, the requirements of the authorities, and the patient’s comfort. A comprehensive family of systems are available for head-neck-shoulders, supine or prone breast treatment, SBRT, extremities, pelvis or abdomen, proton therapy, SRS, MR, and pediatrics.

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